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IBIS PRESS / NICOLAS HAYS is dedicated to to providing the finest spiritual literature available today. We specialize in publishing books from both classic and modern sources that outline the basis and development of the world’s Mystery Traditions. Our subjects include Alchemy, Astrology, Depth Psychology, Magick, Spirituality, Women’s Mysteries, and the many other paths of human striving for union with the Infinite. We welcome your interest and look forward to earning your trust and loyalty.


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Starry Wisdom A Novel
(Part Three of The Lovecraft Trilogy)
by Peter LevendaThe third novel in the trilogy that began with The Lovecraft Code and continued with Dunwich concludes the globe-spanning tale of Professor Gregory Angell and his attempt to keep the Necronomicon out of the clutches of a gaggle of secret societies, and his life out of the grasp of terrorists and intelligence agents.Based on themes from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this novel ties together the various strands of occult knowledge, political intrigue, and pop culture that are woven through the first two books.
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Navigating the Financial Universe
Prospering and Preparing for the Challenges Ahead
by Christeen H. Skinner

Fasten your seatbelts for the roller coaster ride ahead! Fınancial astrologer Christeen Skinner—who predicted the global financial crisis of 2008—looks at the next ten years. She identifies periods of challenge and suggests ways in which these might be successfully negotiated.This is your guide to surviving and prospering during the turbulent decade ahead. Making use of her extensive international experience working with clients, entrepreneurs, traders, and investors, the author acknowledges the behavioral patterns of different generations—building both financial confidence and competence in the reader. She advises on the best methods to take advantage of your individual interests and skills, and points out the challenges facing each sign and age group.
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In the Cards
Murder and Mystery in the Library

Marjorie G. Jones
The theft of a rare volume in the renowned library of ancient philosophical traditions at the Warburg Institute, and the brutal slaying of its chief Librarian, pits Dame Frances Yates against a killer. The eminent historian of Renaissance spirituality battles a sociopath whose hostility, greed, and violence upset the idyllic atmosphere of this quiet scholarly community. Following her intuition and insights through the mysterious Tarot cards, Dame Frances uncovers clues to the identity of the perpetrator. With the assistance of a Scotland Yard detective—an enthusiastic Freemason—and an attractive American lawyer-turned-scholar, Yates zeroes in on the murderer.This fast-paced novel combines murder, larceny, and Tarot. Lively characters, romance, humor, and scenes from the pastoral English countryside contrast with the dark underbelly of the twisted landscape of a self-absorbed assassin, and his unscrupulous and manipulative business partner. Sure to grab the attention of anyone who appreciates great detective fiction and the symbolic world of the Mysteries.
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A Novel
Peter Levenda

This is the second volume of Peter Levenda’s Lovecraft Trilogy. Following The Lovecraft Code, Levenda here probes deeper into the mysteries of Professor Gregory Angell, Yezidi seeress Jamilia, and Detective Cuneo of post-Katrina New Orleans. All are fighting the nightmare denizens of a terror cell desperately seeking The Necronomicon, as well as a top secret US government intelligence agency.What secret is buried so deeply within human DNA that exposing its mysteries would serve only to undermine humanity’s most cherished institutions?And what secret is encoded within an ancient book of magic that, once deciphered, would cause the eruption of a force so prehistoric that its earthly temples—once submerged beneath the seas—will rise to the surface once again?
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The Lovecraft Code
Peter Levenda

• A professor of religion turns atheist after witnessing a massacre in Iraq, only to confront a darker possibility• A high-ranking American intelligence officer authorizes a black op that no one understands, but on which the fate of nations depends
• An explosion of violence in the Middle East as warring sects seek the ultimate weapon of mass destruction
• And, at the center of the conflagration, a book that reveals the existence of an ancient cult bent on global extermination …
• … a book introduced to the world by a famous author of gothic horror. A book that is not supposed to exist.Drawing on decades of experience, non-fiction author and historian Peter Levenda turns to the novel as the best and perhaps only way to tell a story that must be told.
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One Truth and One Spirit
Aleister Crowley’s Spiritual Legacy
Keith Readdy

Based upon academic research at the University of Amsterdam’s Center for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, One Truth and One Spirit is a much-needed work covering a previously unexplored history of the modern religious movement known as Thelema. It details the theoretical framework of Aleister Crowley’s spiritual legacy in the O.T.O. and the A.’.A.’., and covers the decades of Thelema since Crowley’s death in 1947.This is the first serious sociological study of initiated Thelemic culture, ie., “the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society […] patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture.”One Truth and One Spirit approaches a complex topic and a complex history, with exhaustive citations and sources, but is written for anyone interested in the subject of Thelema. The author utilizes both published source material, as well as previously unavailable archives that make this work a unique contribution to the available literature.
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